EKPF attends EKHA General Assembly and European Kidney Forum

The EKHA (European Kidney Health Alliance) General Assembly was held on 15 June in Brussels. The European Kidney Patients’ Federation (EKPF) attended as a full member. Part of the Executive Comittee attended the meeting:

Daniel Gallego, president of the EKPF,

Emily Petrides, vicepresident of the EKPF, who shared her personal story making very clear the needs of the patients, and

Jan Van Cruchten, Secretary of EKPF.

The European Kidney Forum was also held and the 15th anniversary of the EKHA was celebrated in the Parliament in Brussels . We discussed current challenges and ways to increase eco-innovation for kidney disease treatments. The day was chaired by Hilde Vautmans, chair of the Kidney Health Group in the European Parliament.