Réseau Solidaire en Action Contre les Maladie Rénales Chroniques (France Rein)

France Rein is an independent and expert patient association that serves the millions of French people affected by chronic kidney disease and is committed to fighting these diseases everywhere and at every stage.

France Rein is the independence and expertise of a patient association, serving the quality of life of chronic kidney patients and their families.

RENALOO Association de patients atteints de maladies rénales

Renaloo, born in 2002 on the web, became a patient association in 2008.

Renaloo has national accreditation as a health system user association.

The association is developing numerous activities, on and off the internet, in order to convey as effectively as possible its values of support and empowerment for people living with kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation, of defending their rights and interests and of improving their care and their lives.