Federación Nacional de Asociaciones ALCER

Federación Nacional de Asociaciones ALCER is a non-profit making organization of patients with kidney conditions. ALCER is the acronym of Association Fighting Against Kidney Diseases, and today are formed by 53 local associations across all Spanish geography. ALCER´s mission is to improve the quality of life of people with kidney diseases and their families.

ALCER was created in 1976, by the author of the Spanish Transplant Law draft (promoted in 1979) and was declared as a Public Useful Entity in 1984 by the Minister Council in Spain. In 1989, under pressure of ALCER, was created the Spanish Transplant Organization, today the most successful transplant organization worldwide. In 2015 was one of the authors of the framework document about the prevention of chronic kidney disease promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

In addition, ALCER was co-founder of CEAPIR, the first Kidney Patients Federation in Europe,  nowadays EKPF.

ALCER offers kidney patients and relatives psycho-social and nutrition support, health educational programs and awareness events. From National Federation we raise the voice at policymakers and other stakeholders. Finally, from our Foundation promote and participate in researches to find best options and project for people with kidney diseases.