The resistance to antibiotic and antifungal products is increasingly worrying, something that is aggravated in chronic patients who, like the renal ones, are usually immunocompromised and, thus, have an increased risk of infections. For this reason the National Federation ALCER accepted the invitation of Pfizer Inc., to attend the summit of patient representatives that is organizing in Amsterdam. It is a global event, to discuss key issues that affect anti-infective therapies (antibiotic and antifungal products), such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and evaluate the ways in which patients’ organizations work. Anti-infectives support modern medicine as we know it, curing and even preventing many types of infection.

Thanks to anti-infectives, we can treat minor infections and cure serious infectious diseases, perform routine medical procedures and complex surgeries, which carry a risk of serious infection and provide vital immunosuppressive treatment to people with cancer or kidney transplants, for example.

However, many anti-infectives are losing their effectiveness, alarmingly, due to antimicrobial resistance (RAM).