The EKHA (European Kidney Health Alliance) General Assembly was held on 15 June in Brussels. The European Kidney Patients’ Federation (EKPF) attended as a full member. Part of the Executive Comittee attended the meeting: Daniel Gallego, Emily Petrides and Jan Van Cruchten. Also Mónica Suengas, EKPF manager, joined the meeting. The European Kidney Forum was also held and the 15th anniversary of the EKHA was celebrated in the Parliament in Brussels.

This event was organised as part of the Decade of the Kidney’, an EKHA-led campaign which aims to put the spotlight on kidney disease at EU level within the next ten years. The discussions were focusing on identifying the challenges with current kidney disease treatments (dialysis and transplantation) from a patient, society and environmental perspective, and exploring ways to ramp up innovation. We have gather insights from European patients, policy makers, healthcare professionals and scientists but also looked at inspiring examples and success stories from the United-States with US policy makers and patients.