The European Kidney Patients’ Federation strongly condemns the war in Ukraine and offers its full support to kidney patients, their families and healthcare professionals.

Unfortunately, all the bad predictions have come true and the war in Ukraine is already a sad daily news story. In such situations, it is the most vulnerable who suffer most from the results of an unjust and unnecessary war. Among them are undoubtedly those undergoing dialysis and transplantation, who cannot even flee their homes, as the uncertainty of access to treatment would lead to their death.

From the EKPF we offer all our willingness to help in whatever are in our hands and support any humanitarian action that is necessary at this time for our kidney patient friends in Ukraine. As a Federation that brings together associations from all over Europe, the EKPF believes in cooperation between countries, solidarity, democracy and collaboration. These values make us walk together towards our common goals: to improve the well-being of kidney patients. However, wars always bring violence and discomfort to their inhabitants. Since the invasion of Russia, values are being attacked and weakened, putting patients at risk. We call for condemnation of violence, killings, arbitrary arrests and bombings.

We must respect international humanitarian law, and it is absolutely necessary to protect the civilian population. Kidney patients are a group at risk, and we demand that they continue to have access to dialysis, transplantation and health care.

We want to create a network to be able to help people in need. Many dialysis providers in different European countries are ready to offer help to people in need who come from Ukraine. We need to contact associations in Ukraine and nearby countries in order to arrange for coordinated help to reach as many people as possible.

We stand in solidarity with all those affected by this terrible tragedy and are available to support our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. We strongly demand that governments and medical service providers join forces to ensure treatment for these vulnerable people.

If you need help from the EKPF, please contact or +34 915610837

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