The European Kidney Patients’ Federation (EKPF) raises concerns about the severe consequences that the war in Gaza is inflicting on kidney patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

Once again, a military conflict places individuals entirely unrelated to it in grave danger. Faced with Israel’s imminent offensive in the Gaza Strip and the already executed supply cuts, it is the most vulnerable who suffer the most from the repercussions of the war. Among them are undoubtedly those individuals in need of dialysis and transplant recipients, who are unable to access their treatments due to a lack of water and supplies. They live in great distress, uncertain if they will receive dialysis once the situation stabilizes, if the delay will jeopardize their lives, or if they must flee, uncertain of finding treatment for their condition.

According to the Palestinian Information Center, in Gaza, around 1,100 people with renal insufficiency require dialysis at least three times a week, including 38 children.

The EKPF urges neighboring governments to provide any assistance within their power and to support any humanitarian actions necessary at this time to ensure that kidney patients in Gaza can access their treatments. This includes providing dialysis and medications to transplant patients who are forced to flee the war. As a European Federation we believe in cooperation between nations, solidarity, democracy, and collaboration. These values unite us in pursuit of common goals: improving the well-being of kidney patients. Nevertheless, wars inevitably bring violence and suffering to their inhabitants.

It is imperative to respect international humanitarian law and to protect the civilian population. Kidney patients are a high-risk group, and we demand that they continue to have access to dialysis, transplantation, and healthcare.

We call on Israel to respect human rights and reconsider the interruption of water and electricity supplies to healthcare facilities. We also request the entry of essential medical supplies and medications for individuals undergoing dialysis and transplant recipients who require them.

We express our solidarity with all those affected by this terrible tragedy, and from the European Kidney Patients’ Federation, we want to convey our full support and commitment to individuals with kidney disease, offering our assistance in coordinating resources to alleviate this harrowing situation.

We earnestly urge governments and medical service providers to join forces in ensuring the treatment of kidney patients and their families, who are always the most fragile and vulnerable.