EKPF attends d.Holiday 2022 Conference in Rome

On 3 May, the EKPF went to Rome to attend the Diaverum holiday dialysis d.Holiday 2022 Conference. This conference was a great opportunity to bring together patient associations, academics and Diaverum representatives to talk again about travel and dialysis in the post-pandemic era.

We enjoyed some very interesting talks, including one by EKPF member Tono Tomas from ader. Together, these holiday dialysis experts presented, discussed and engaged in workshops that covered critical topics in empowering renal patients to live out their dreams of travel once again, in a post-pandemic world.

In the afternoon we visited the Diaverum Rene di Roma dialysis clinic and enjoyed a city tour together.

You can visit d.Holiday website in the following link: d.HOLIDAY (diaverum.com)

You can find the Travel Guide in the following link: diaverum-travel-guide-2021.pdf