International Home Dialysis Resource Center

This website has been created by the International Home Dialysis Roundtable (IHDR). It is a global forum that uniquely brings together leading minds from clinical and patient advocacy organisations, industry leaders and policy makers from around the world to collaborate on improving patient access to home dialysis.

More than 800 million people—over 10% of the global population—are affected by chronic kidney disease around the world.1 Nearly 11 million of them have advanced kidney disease, which requires access to dialysis or a transplant.2 Unfortunately, more than half of the kidney patients who need dialysis or transplant may not receive access to care.3 Of those who do receive dialysis, little more than 10% of kidney patients receive access to home dialysis, where they can be empowered by lifestyle and clinical benefits, as well as social distancing options.

The International Home Dialysis Roundtable (IHDR) created this home dialysis action resource center to be a collaborative guide for kidney patients, healthcare professionals, industry leaders and policymakers with a passion to help advocate for access to home dialysis globally. Read and experience stories, clinical papers and unique programs initiated by some of the leading minds and kidney patient and healthcare professional organizations from around the world.

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