Expanding Utilization of Home Dialysis: Findings of the International Home Dialysis Roundtable

The international Society of Nephrology held a webinar on October 28 to talk about the utilization of home dialysis. We had the opportunity of listening to great speakers: Malika Mendu, executive medical director clinical operations for Brigham Health; Simon Dived, Professor of Nephrology and Medicine at Keele University, UK; Vivekanand Jha, executive director at The George Institute for Global Health, India; and Daniel Gallego, president of the European Kidney Patients Federation.

There were some very interesting take-home messages:

  • 1st Option Dialysis Everyone
  • Nothing Better Than Yourself
  • Real Portable & Tiny Machines
  • New Vascular Access, Pluggable
  • Customized Home Dialysis
  • Artificial Kidneys
  • Environmental Footprint
  • We Are Truth-seekers

If you were not able to attend live, do not miss the opportunity to watch a very engaging discussion on home dialysis in the following link:

ISN webinar: expanding utilization of home dialysis