The collaborative effort will boost The Decade of the Kidney™ an AAKP global initiative, launched in 2019 for the 2020-2030 decade, to support a patient-led international consortium to drive kidney disease as a global health priority and to better align governmental regulatory and payment policies so that barriers blocking rapid entry of treatment innovations into consumer markets are removed.

Internationally, kidney patients are equal partners in breakthrough efforts related to, artificial implantable organs and wearable kidney devices; improved diagnostics for disease detection, precision medicine and new biologics that slow or stop disease progression.

The AAKP, EKPF, and EKHA announcement comes as the unique value of kidney patient insights (Read articles: CJASN Legitimization and Incorporation of Patient Preferences and CJASN Overview of Various Components of the Science of Patient Input) has gained traction among U.S. and global policy-makers and a rapidly expanding international network of experts dedicated to addressing the devastating human and societal costs of kidney diseases that impact over 850 million people world-wide.

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Next step is to create a year program together for which it will be held monthly meetings.