Juan Carlos Julián Mauro, action plan responsible of EKPF, participated as a speaker in an event organized by AstraZeneca Spain titled “A Sustainable Future, a Shared Responsibility”. During the panel titled “Health and Environment: Joint Approach for Success”, important aspects were discussed regarding addressing health from a sustainable perspective. Julián highlighted the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration to find solutions effectively, as working solely within our own field limits our perspective. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of early detection, especially in the case of renal diseases, as this reduces both healthcare costs and the carbon footprint.

The project KitNewCare was mentioned, a recent European project in which the European Kidney Patients’ Federation (EKPF) participates, with the aim of transforming the sustainability of renal healthcare throughout Europe. Additionally, Fiona Adshead, president of the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition and a board member of KitNewCare, provided insights on how to transform health towards a sustainable future.

In the event was also present Fiona Adshead, member of the board of KitNewCare.