Healthcare in a Complex System- How Can Patients Navigate the Transplant Journey?

Daniel Gallego, President of the European Kidney Patient’s Federation (EKPF) and Representative of the Steering Committee, Patient Inclusion Initiatives ESOT (European Society of Organ Transplantation), was a  speaker at the “Healthcare in a Complex System – How Can Patients Navigate the Transplant Journey?” conference.

Organ shortage poses a significant challenge in the field of transplantation, limiting the number of procedures that can be performed. The European Union has been actively working to address this issue and improve the organ transplantation process. In 2019, a directive was passed to establish common quality and safety standards for organ procurement, testing, preservation, and storage across EU Member States.

Despite performing over 36,000 organ transplants in the EU in 2021, the number of patients on the waiting list exceeded 41,000, highlighting the urgent need for more suitable donor organs. The conference aims to empower transplant patients and find solutions to reduce waiting times and increase organ availability through collaborative efforts.

Daniel Gallego’s participation and the conference provide a platform to address the organ shortage and promote solutions through collaboration among various stakeholders. Implementing common standards and improving the organ donation system are crucial to ensuring greater organ availability and saving more lives through transplantation. “We want to increase the number of transplantations across Europe. The numbers aren’t the important part, the important part is saving & improving the quality of life. Focusing on the people & not on the graph”

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