PREVENTCKD Project Presented at the ERA Congress

The PREVENTCKD project was presented during the Annual Congress of the European Renal Association (ERA). Under the banner “PREVENTCKD: SHIFTING GEAR IN CKD PREVENTION!”, this important initiative was presented by representatives from the European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA), the European Kidney Patients Federation (EKPF), RENALOO, and the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital.

The presentation highlighted the collaborative efforts of these organizations in addressing the critical need for improved prevention strategies for chronic kidney disease (CKD). By bringing together diverse expertise and perspectives, the PREVENTCKD project aims to advance early detection and preventive measures, ultimately reducing the incidence and impact of CKD.

During the presentation, the EKPF shared their analysis of best practices, emphasizing the gaps identified in current CKD prevention efforts. The EKPF encouraged the audience to contribute by sending in their own best practices, fostering a collaborative effort to enhance CKD prevention strategies.