The EKPF today publishes the results of a new pan-European survey exploring the reality of living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) associated with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in a report to mark World Kidney Day. Produced by the European Kidney Patient Federation (EKPF) in collaboration with Bayer AG, the report reveals findings that highlight the considerable impact CKD has on all aspects of patients’ lives, as well as worrying data on patient awareness and delays in diagnosis.

This report, entitled “The realities of living with CKD: People with CKD and T2D speak up”, sheds light on the unmet needs and patient experience from diagnosis to dialysis of 500 patients in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. More than half of the respondents (54%) said they knew nothing about CKD before diagnosis, despite the well-known link between CKD and T2D. At diagnosis, more than a third (38%) had experienced symptoms for more than six months before their CKD was detected. Given that CKD is often symptom-free in the early stages, the results suggest that many people remained undiagnosed for a considerable period of time.

You can read the full report HERE