The European Kidney Patients Federation participates in the 77th session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva

Today, the European Kidney Patients Federation, represented by its president Daniel Gallego, participated in the roundtable “Fireside Chat: Ensuring Access to Life-Saving Treatments for CKD” during the event “Advancing Kidney Care for All: Expanding Access to Life-Saving Therapies” at the 77th session of the World Health Assembly in Geneva. This event, organized by Devex in collaboration with the International Society of Nephrology, addressed the urgent need to improve access to vital treatments for chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Chronic kidney disease, often considered the most neglected chronic disease, could cause the death of at least 5 million people per year due to the lack of access to critical treatments. CKD disproportionately impacts low- and middle-income countries, where early diagnosis and treatment are insufficient.

The event brought together various experts and patient voices to discuss the multisectoral and holistic approaches needed to ensure kidney health for all, highlighting the importance of raising awareness, improving diagnosis, and ensuring access to quality care.